Land Promotion Process

Promotion Agreements

Promoting land successfully can be very expensive, the planning process is very complex, and it can be very difficult to find success without professional help.

At Northern Trust Land we acquire land through many different avenues, however our preferred approach is secured through a promotion agreement. Promotion Agreements, put simply, are a contract between two parties where one party (the "promoter") agrees to promote the land of another party (the “landowner”). This type of agreement takes away the financial burden and risk from the landowner and provides an opportunity to partner with a promoter to take on the responsibility and financial risk in exchange for a share of the potential future profits. Typically, promotion agreements are a legally binding contract for a fixed term and include the payment of a premium payable to the landowner for entering into the agreement.

Promotion Agreements are a great way for landowners to partner with promoters who have the expertise and funding to navigate the complexities of the planning system. With our extensive expertise, strong financial standing and core family principles, landowners can be safe in the knowledge that their land is in good hands.

At Northern Trust Land, we favour promotion agreements as they align best with our principles of collaborative teamwork.

Discover the potential of your land and trust our over 60 years of success in land promotion.

The Process

If you are a landowner considering your sites future, the planning process can be a daunting prospect. Through our personable approach we work closely with our commercial and rural landowners, as a partnership, guiding them through every step of the planning / development process. We take pride in helping to deliver our landowners vision for their site, building strong relationships along the way. 

Many of our landowner partners are not familiar with the planning process therefore at the outset we take time to make sure they are fully informed with every step of the process. We also work hard to fully understand our landowner’s aspirations for their land and work together to develop a strategy to achieve them in the most efficient way possible.

The planning process may involve local plan promotion, planning applications and / or appeals. We have in house expertise to manage each side of the process and an extensive network of external consultants to call upon, providing each site with the best possible chance of success.

Once planning permission is secured, we will manage the onward sale of the land to a developer.  Our in-house team possesses extensive expertise in land disposal and ensures that offers accurately reflect the true value of the land.

Northern Trust Land has the flexibility and resources to consider sites on an unconditional or conditional basis and are continually looking for strategic brownfield or greenfield sites from 3 acres upwards, for promotion or purchase with the potential to deliver residential or mixed-use schemes across the UK.

If you are a landowner and want to maximise the value of your land either on a sale or promotional basis, then please contact a member of our team to discuss.


Land Promotion Process

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